Starting on Monday, November 5, 2018 in order to help the UCPath Center handle the increased volume of activity during Open Enrollment, the UCLA Central Resource Unit (CRU) and UCLA Business Transformation Office (BTO) will be working together to provide customer service support for Payroll-related questions and issues. Please reference the matrix for contact information.

UCPath Central Resource Unit

The UCPath Central Resource Unit (CRU) is the Point of Contact (POC) for UCPath Center (UCPC) issue resolution and time sensitive matters and has limited transactional capability including responsibility for batch transactions, configuration requests, vacation overmax accrual requests and administration of the AWE Administrator role. CRU will also facilitate broadly distributed UCPC communications to the campus and ensure cross-functional, coordinated campus interaction with UCPC. CRU and the UCLA Central Offices will work to implement and maintain their own a cloud-based ticketing system in order to efficiently track and resolve issues and requests.


CONTACTING THE UCPath Central Resource Unit

ucla buildingsIf you would like to contact CRU regarding an open case, please add a comment directly to your case by replying to the email generated by our ticketing system.

If you have a general question for CRU, please email us at

Please note, CRU is not an HR, Benefits, or Payroll point of contact. If you have a question regarding UCLA HR policy, please contact your department’s HR office.  If you have a question regarding payroll or benefits, please contact the UCPath Center.  You can contact the UCPath Center by visiting the UCPath Portal at and clicking on the ‘Ask UCPath Center’ button or by calling (855) 982‐7284, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (PST).